Thursday, 7 March 2019

Christmas meeting 20th December

Members should remember our walk, led by Pat Symms, around Tarporley High Street in September, and followed by supper in the Swan Hunt room. This was a different start to our season and well enjoyed. However Pat only managed to take us around the top end of the street before darkness fell. So for Christmas we invited Pat to give us a virtual tour of the lower High Street in the comfort of the Village Hall. Having lived in Tarporley for 28 years, I'm still learning about the village, and in particular how, even in recent times, Tarporley was so self-sufficient.

Click on lower High St to see photos

And as it was Christmas, our 'post-walk' refreshments were mince pies, stollen etc.

Monday, 3 December 2018

1000 years of Cheshire History 22nd November

The speaker this meeting was Bob Welch our treasurer. Bob gave us a whistle stop tour of the history of Cheshire between the arrival of the Romans and medieval times. The early history of Cheshire was effectively the history of Chester. And Chester's history reflected the power struggles and battles of the English crown and the Welsh princes. Bob also gave us some insight into the development of the Church and local life. 

We look forward to part 2 bringing us up to modern times.

Hawkstone Park 25th October

It is always great when you have a speaker who knows and feels passionate about their subject and is also a good communicator. Barry Fewster met all those criteria.

Barry told us about Hawkstone Park, its history, the story of the Hill family, and the Park's development into a magical garden of follies and attractions, all set in craggy countryside just south of Whitchurch. It is still open to visitors and is well worth a visit. 


Saturday, 20 October 2018

Tarporley High Street 27th September 2018

We started our 2018/9 season with a bit of a difference. Rather than our normal meeting and talk in Tiverton, we had a tour of Tarporley High Street. Pat Symms was our guide and on a rather dull late summer evening, with the light just starting to fade, Pat took a party of some 30 brave members on a fascinating insight into the buildings and history of the village. We started in the Market Court by the Swan, walked up to Burton Square, and finished by the Manor House. What we discovered was that, despite some new developments, many of the buildings in the High Street haven't changed. What has changed is the use of the buildings and how businesses have moved on from a variety of local trades, many associated with Tarporley's connection with horses, such as blacksmiths and saddlers, to today's shops serving 21st C needs. And even today's shops are changing from year to year.

We finished our walk with a supper in the Hunt Room, directly above the Market Court, with Pat giving us some of the history of the room and the Tarporley Hunt.

Feedback suggests that this was a very successful evening. Many thanks to Pat for organising this.  

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Visit to Norton Priory, Runcorn, on 22nd June

A small band of intrepid members braved the particularly warm weather to visit this historic site. Norton Priory was founded in the 11th century and became a major monastic site until the Dissolution. It slowly fell into ruin but more recently it has become the most excavated monastic site in Europe. Norton Priory has benefited from significant funding and now has an excellent Visitor Centre and Museum. Assembling after coffee, we were given a guided tour around the site and museum. Members then had a chance to explore on their own and later to enjoy lunch. 

See for more information.

Some us then walked over to the 2.5 acre Georgian walled gardens. These excellent gardens were unfortunately suffering (like us) from some some exceptionally hot and dry weather. We need to go back in a 'normal' summer.

Monday, 4 June 2018

AGM 24th May

The Society held its AGM at Tiverton Village Hall on 24th May.

Some 18 members attended.

It was reported that we now had 48 members and finances were healthy. We had some £1894 in reserves.

The following officers were elected.

Tom Platt         Chair
Trish Welch     Vice-chair
Bob Welch      Treasurer
Paul Bujac       Secretary

Items discussed included next year's programme and the Society's Privacy Policy.

Details can be found in the draft minutes; follow Draft minutes

The meeting was followed by an open discussion on how things, particularly communications, had changed in our life times.

Hampton House School 26th April

Members were given an insight into life in an English Prep school in the late 50's and early 60's when Andrew Wheeler talked about his time as a boarder at Hampton House School. This school moved from Chester post war into Gardenhurst, a gentlemen's residence, and then closed in the 60's. The building was then demolished and site developed for housing and for the local Deeside Ramblers hockey club.
Andrew gave a personal view of being a young boarder, away from home, and, in particular, his recollections of the staff and some scandal.